Introduction to Self-Driving Cars Catalog

Moorissa Tjokro
2 min readMay 30, 2021
Image source: DataDrivenInvestor

Follow me on this exciting journey to dive into the world of robotics and artificial intelligence, through understanding the application of self-driving cars.

Chapter 1 — Overview: Why self-driving cars are the future, and how did we get here?

Chapter 2 — HD Mapping: How to build maps as the backbone of self-driving cars

Chapter 3 — Localization: What is localization, where to start, and what do we need in order to know exactly where our vehicle is?

Chapter 4 — Perception (Part I): How do self-driving cars use computer vision to experience the world around them?

Chapter 5 — Perception (Part II): At a high level, how do self-driving cars perceive the world around them?

Chapter 6 — Prediction: How do other vehicles or pedestrians interact with self-driving cars?

…coming out soon!

Chapter 7 — Planning: How do we develop trajectories for autonomous vehicles?

…coming out next

Chapter 8 — Control: How do we use steering, throttle, and brake to execute our planned trajectory and master different types of controllers?

…coming out next

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